About Covenant

Covenant Differentiators

  • A range of solutions: web tools » risk planning » risk execution
  • Grow or shrink your involvement with us as your needs change
  • Extensive experience in the field
  • Strong orientation towards client value creation
  • Great references from satisfied clients

About Covenant

The Covenant Way

We dedicate ourselves to creating measurable value for our clients, delivered with outstanding customer service. We are committed to living our values and focused on delivering products and services to our clients with professionalism, responsiveness and unparalleled expertise. The end result is measurable value creation for all parties. For every dollar a client invests in services from Covenant, we expect to deliver multiples of value in return.

We provide powerful tools for helping companies fight fraud and reduce risk, as well as a wide range of professional services for managing risk. For some clients we just provide the tools; others ask us to take a more active role, ranging from planning to project assistance to on-going execution support.

Our business model is built around delivering products and services that deliver measurable value, not just consulting on what needs to be accomplished. People sometimes assume we are consultants. We view ourselves with a distinction that sets us apart from traditional consulting. Rather than a project orientation, we take a value creation orientation to our work.