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Risk Management, Insurance Program Management and Web Tools

Our business is risk and insurance management. We offer a broad menu of services, ranging from advisory roles to outsourcing all or part of the corporate risk management or insurance program functions. We have a unique business model and service offering, and are proud of our 14 year track record of loyal relationships earned through delivering results and value.

Our Mission: To deliver excellence in risk and insurance program management, maximizing the creation of measurable value, serving through trusted, invested relationships.

Our Commitment: Our name signifies our commitment: Covenant, ‘a binding and lasting agreement, a promise, a devoted relationship’. We commit to protect, to serve, to add value and to deliver with excellence.

We strive to serve with passion and excellence, producing results that add measurable value to our client’s business, building relationships that thrive on trust. We dedicate ourselves to our clients and place our client's needs before our own.

We further dedicate ourselves to serving each other, our business partners, and our communities. We are committed to fostering a culture of service, and dedicated to living our values in all our pursuits.

Risk: Chance

Partners: An ally who bonds with permanent and complete commitment.