Risk Management Services

Risk Management Services

  • Insurance program design, negotiation and administration.
  • Broker Evaluation, RFP, Service Design, Fee Negotiation and Relationship Management
  • Claim management services including:
    • General Liability Self-Administration
    • TPA Evaluation and Management
    • Claim Process Review
    • Claim Review
    • Large Claim Management
    • Catastrophic Claim Management
    • Litigation Management
    • Settlement Strategies
    • Reserve Evaluation
    • Internal Contact Point
    • Claim Run-Off Services and Management
  • Actuarial Oversight
  • Safety Evaluation and Services
  • Site Inspection Services
  • Risk Mitigation Services
  • Risk Management Administration:
    • Risk Allocation and Accrual Setup and Management
    • Contract and Lease Review
    • Certificate of Insurance Administration
    • Policy Review
    • Insurance Policy Administration
    • Risk Management Vendor Administration
    • Cost Center Management
    • Collateral Management
    • Internal Interface to Finance, Legal, HR, Operations, Executive Management
  • Merger and Acquisition Services, Including Due Diligence Services
  • Risk Management Function Analysis, Evaluation, Setup and Management
  • Cost of Risk Identification and Evaluation
  • Benchmarking
  • Risk Management Outsourcing

Covenant Risk Management Services

Covenant Risk Partners provides a complete offering of risk management services tailored to each client’s needs. We provide support services to risk managers, CFOs, general counsels, human resource managers, executive management, and private equity funds.

We pride ourselves in understanding our clients’ needs and goals, delivering what we promise, adding value, and functioning as part of your team.

Flexible. You can target us, or you can put us in charge. Our role can be provide specific input, guidance and services in any of these service areas, or we can provide all required services and functions in an outsourced risk management structure. Covenant Risk also offers an insourced risk management model, where we put staff on your site. In all scenarios, we strive to function as part of your business.

Affordable. We leverage our resources to your benefit. We believe we should deliver outstanding resources and services in an efficient model that is often more affordable, with less expense than fully staffing with internal resources.

Value. We expect to produce results and deliver value that far exceeds your investment.

Service. We are privileged to serve.

Trust. Our success is the result of relationships built on Trust.