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Examples of Our Work

Health & Safety Manager, Ingersoll-Rand - Hussmann, in response to our claims management services:

“Thank you, thank you, and again thank you for the great work and being part of this team.”

CFO, National Refrigeration Services:

“We would not have been successful in selling the Company without your (M&A) risk and insurance solutions.”

COO of U.S. operations of a large, foreign based company:

“We did not think it could be done. Without the environmental risk and insurance solutions you brought to us, our $46 million acquisition would not have happened - thank you!”

Treasurer of Lanier Worldwide, Inc., a multinational document management company with revenues in excess of $700 million:

“Covenant Risk Partners, Inc. was chosen to guide and assist Lanier in choosing a broker, creating our own risk program, establishing a risk department and providing consultative services for claims and risk related analysis of our contracts and transactions. I can without hesitation, only say, you hit a “home-run” in each of these areas. Your expertise was invaluable; however, your character, dependability and ability to deal with all levels of Lanier management, was a plus in accomplishing this monumental task.” Read the entire letter

Previous CFO, Captain D's:

“You provide the best risk management resource we have ever had.”

Prior CFO, Executive Vice President, BI-LO, LLC:

“You are a solution. You filled the gap for us in establishing our risk program, insurance program, and risk management department and function in becoming an independent company and separating from our former parent. We never could have done this ourselves and we never would have had these excellent outcomes without you. You exceeded our expectations and saved us millions.”

Previous Chairman, Shoney’s:

“We trust you.”

CFO, Executive Vice President, Winn-Dixie BI-LO, LLC:

“You have delivered more than $10 million in value to our company this year! I am a strong advocate and happy to be a reference for Covenant Risk Partners.”